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Did You Know, that the Most Successful People in the World All Share Something In Common?

They Live Their Passion and Build Valuable Relationships!
 The Second Book in this Awesome Trilogy Unveils 
The Mystery of Alchemy!
You'll Learn the Secrets for Creating a Successful Life Filled with Love, Joy, and Passion!
There are lots of fabulous cartoons to entertain you. Hopefully a little laughter will allow you to see your life and relationships in a different perspective... so you will be less critical of your self or others, and can focus in a new and more positive direction... and create a lifetime of love, joy, and passion!
GO FOR IT! The Alchemy of
Love, Joy, and Passion! 
This book is a Beautiful, In-depth Study about
How To use the Secrets of Alchemy to Transform Your Life... So You can Create a Successful Life and Relationship that You Absolutely Love! 

You'll Gain Self-Confidence and Clarity, so you will have the Determined to get Focused in the Right Direction!  

You'll Learn How to Release Fear, Guilt, and Pain,
and Techniques to Overcome Life and Relationship Challenges!

You'll Learn the Secrets to Create Valuable Relationships, So You Can Live Life with
Certainty and Passion!

You'll Learn the Secrets You Need to
Get Out of the Matrix of Duality, and avoid 
the chaos and confusion that it creates within the world and even in your own mind! 
Then You Can Shift Your Reality,
Start Moving Forward Positively,
and Reach Your Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow, where Your Dreams are a Reality!
Plus... Three Awesome Podcast!
Plus a PDF Download 
My Thirty-Day Challenge - This PDF goes right along with the podcast, and gives detailed instructions of how to move out of the World Matrix and turn negative to positive.
You'll take each of the Nine Worse Moves (such as anger, resentment, jealousy, etc) and learn 
to easily turn them to the Nine Power Moves (patience, acceptance, love, joy, and passion).
This Information is VITAL in Overcoming Your Life and Relationship Challenges!!!
Here's What You'll Learn...
  • Six Strategies to Get Out of the Duality of the World Matrix!
    This is a journey of self-empowerment. Learn How To get out of the Matrix of Duality (positive verses negative, mine verses yours, and right verses wrong). This is the cause of inner conflict, world conflict, and that between you and your partner, children, colleague, or friend.  
  • My Thirty Day Challenge! 
    Cross the Rainbow Bridge and find Your Pot of Gold. Turn Your Nine Worst Moves into Your Nine Power Moves. Simple techniques to Overcome Life and Relationship challenges; release attachments to negative habits, thoughts, beliefs, and addictions; turn fear to faith and corruption to goodness, and transform your relationship into totally awesome. 
  • The Alchemy of Love and Sexuality!
    Alchemy is the wisdom of creation, growth, and regeneration, and is the preparation of the great stone (man's lower ego), and the perfecting of this primal and chaotic matter into the elixir of gold (a higher state of consciousness). Learn how to share these beautiful and rare Alchemy Secrets with the one you love, and experience the bliss of love, joy, and passion! 
What is Spiritual Alchemy?
Alchemy is the science of transformation. Physical alchemy is transforming lead into gold. Spiritual Alchemy is the awakening of one’s spiritual or higher self. This is the transformation of the lower ego (fear, judgment, guilt, and self-doubt) into the higher aspects of one's self (love, joy, passion, and compassion).  A person that embarks on this journey will go through the alchemical process of releasing the attachments of the lower ego, and move out of the Matrix of Duality and into a higher state of awareness.  It's a process of transforming the dense lead of the lower self into the golden light of the higher self.  As you move through each stage of alchemy, you'll release the emotions associated with the lower brain (including pain, suffering, and animosity).  This quest for Inner Wisdom will take you across the Rainbow Bridge, until you reach the Pot of Gold on the other side.
You'll then realize...  The Pot of Gold is You 
And... You Can Create Your Dreams and a Lifetime of Love, Joy, and Passion!
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Dear Gals and Guys... 
Who want to Create a Successful Life that You Absolutely Love!
If you want to keep the romance alive in your relationship, feel confident in expressing your wants, needs, and desires... as well as overcome life’s many challenges without getting stressed out or depressed...
Or if you are single or divorced, and ready for a New and Fabulous Relationship, with someone who is supportive, kind, sensual, and makes you laugh and feel good inside, but you're apprehensive and afraid
of making mistakes...

Then This is the Most Important Letter You'll Read All Year!


My name is Halayna N. Dozier and I am a Life and Relationship Coach.

My own personal journey has been a lifetime quest to discover the beauty of life’s mysteries, and find
the answers to what makes people tick, why people are fearful, and the reason for suffering. 
During my journeys and explorations, I discovered many of the ancient mysteries and my travels introduced me to a diverse array of cultures and beliefs. 

I have faced some of life's most difficult challenges, and through determination and many years of
soul-searching and seeking truth, I found the answers to happiness and the ingredients for creating a
life that I absolutely love… 
And this wisdom is something that I wouldn’t trade for ten million dollars!

I know the Challenges couples face, the tricks lovers play, why people have affairs or wish they could,
and why couples stay in loveless or sexless marriages. 
I have experienced the courage it takes to turn and walk away (even from someone you love)…
as well as the humility and courage required to acknowledge an opportunity to forgive and love again!

The Secrets of Alchemy have transformed my relationships and life.
I now realize the importance of Alchemy's Secrets, and as I strived to become the alchemist... 
The real truth behind the message became clear... 
We are to Become the Elixir of Life, so we can Transform Our Life into Gold and
Become Our Dream!!!
Here's More of What You're Going to Learn...
  • How to Face Your Fears and Overcome Life and Relationship Challenges...
    So you can get out of a Rut, build Self-Confidence, set New Goals, and GO FOR IT!
  •  Why Relationships Don't Succeed and How to Turn them around and Create Success!
    You'll learn How to Turn Your Nine Worst Moves (destructive behavior, negative thoughts, attachments, bad habits, self-doubt, and fear)... Into Your Nine Power Moves (Certainty, Clarity, Faith, Patience, Love, Joy, Self-Confidence, and More)!
  • You'll get clarity about your life and relationship, and where things may have gone wrong, so you won't experience heartache or cravings that can never be satisfied.
  • You'll get certainty about what You Want and Need to be Happy and Successful, so you will have
    a clear direction of know how to get there!
  • You'll gain Confidence to Stand by Your Convictions and Protect Your Sovereign Rights... So You will build Character and Strength, and Your Life will have more Meaning!  
  • You'll learn simple techniques to Remove Guilt and Shame... So You can let go of the past, other people's negativity, and your own self-doubt... stop regretting past mistakes, believing that you are unworthy, or feeling like you are not smart or talented enough.
  • You'll learn how to Trust Your Own Inner Guidance... So You will be more self-reliant, trust your instincts, and not be co-dependent... and be able to start fresh with new relationships, and even with people you have known for many years.
  • We'll Unravel the Secrets of Alchemy... So you can have an open and honest relationship, and you and your partner will support each other positively. 
  • Hopefully, you'll realize as I have... that you learn from both your successful relationships and your many could have been - should have been - or would have been failed relationships… And You Take from them all the Best Parts, and These Become Your Reasons to Love!
* When you and your partner are laughing and not arguing, you'll both enjoy 
   being together more and romance will be exciting.
* This book won't make you money, but it will give you the confidence and motivation to 
   GO FOR IT... So You will Reach Your Goals and Create Your Dreams! 
* It won't save you money, but will give you the answers to deal with life's many challenges...
   So you will be motivated to stay positive and focused on your success, and start creating a fabulous
   life and relationship! 
* You will come to understand the true meaning behind Alchemy's Secret Lover...
   and when you do... you'll have a paradigm shift, and start living life passionately. 
* As you gain confidence and start moving forward positively... Your integrity and goodness will benefit
  the world around you!
* This book won't make you money, but It will give you the confidence and motivation to GO FOR IT...      
So You will Reach Your Goals and Create Your Dreams! 
It won't save you money, but It will give you the answers to deal with life's many challenges...
So you will be motivated to stay positive and focused on your success, and start creating a fabulous life and relationship! 
You will come to understand the true meaning behind Alchemy's Secret Lover...
and when you do... You will have the confidence to believe in your self completely, and live life passionately. 
As you gain confidence and start moving forward positively... Your goodness and integrity will benefit 
the world around you!
Take Advantage of this Limited Time 
Early Holiday Offer !
The eBook, Podcasts, and PDF will not only Positively Transform Your Life, but the Lives of Those Around You!
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30- Day Money Back Guarantee
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