The Secrets You Need...
 To Avoid:  An Affair, Divorce, or Living in a
Loveless or Sexless Marriage!
 Learn How to Keep Your Partner In Your Arms... 
Wanting Only You For a Lifetime!
 When Couples Appreciate and Behold the Beautiful Lover within One Another...
Their relationship will metamorphose into one that is Loving, Passionate, and Captivating!
Note: This podcast is addressed to women... but Guys, the same information applies to both men and women.
You Don't Have to Give Up on Your Relationship or Have an Affair.
Take Your Relationship to the next level!
Learn to Trust, Share, and Forgive so... 
You Can Create a Relationship that You Absolutely Love!
Here's What You're Getting...
It is Funny and Powerfully Honest,
and has lots of Cartoons to Make a
Serious Topic Approachable 
and Enjoyable! 
Here's what you'll Learn...
  • You'll learn how to Stop your partner from Cheating, how to avoid an affair, and why people have affairs, so you can put the Love and Passion back into your relationship. 
  • You gain the Courage to end a Destructive Relationship, and Survive a Break-Up or an Affair without Losses...
    So you won't loose your self-respect, honor, integrity, career, home, or family!
  • We'll take a look at the lies and the lives hiding behind the spouse who's cheating, as well as that of the lover, and their personalities, character, and desires, so you can use this to positively benefit your life.
  • You'll get a look at the Ten Types of players who cheat and play and play the Married Dating Game.  These same players will cheat at home, work, or with friends. Learning to recognize them, will keep you or your partner from ending up with a broken heart, bank account, or marriage.
  • You will get the clarity and confidence to be discerning, and stand up for what's Right for You!  You'll lean  how to forgive and turn your relationship around... or know when to turn and walk away.
  • You'll learn how to create an authentic relationship built on love and trust; and how to release the pain of the past, so you can Forgive and move forward positively.
  • Learn the importance of protecting the assets you love (person assets, your heart, self-confidence, children, and more) and how.
  • You'll learn a technique to create a new vision for your life and relationship. You will write a new script for your life and relationship. This is fun!
  • You'll learn how to express the goddess in you and find the lover you've longed for in your partner; and how to Create a Lifetime of Love, Joy, and Passion with your partner.
Plus... Four PDF Files and Five Podcasts!
Four PDF Files
Five Podcasts!
  • What a Man Wants Most in a Woman - This details everything a man wants and needs. You won't have to guess, and you will learn how to use this to benefit both you and the relationship!  
  • My Wants and Needs - Learn how to identify your wants and needs, get clarity, and get focused in the Right Direction, so you can move forward positively!
  • Writing a Script for My Life Movie - This teaches you how to edit your life script and relationship script, and rewrite one that is fun, rewarding, and filled with love, joy, and passion. This is fun, because you and your partner can do this together!
  • My Personal Assets - It is important to take the initiative to protect the assets you love! This means protecting your financial assets and property, as well as your children, pets, self-esteem. talents, and your heart!
  The Fifth Podcast - Details some of the most important points in the book... including what couples need most from one another, how to stop your partner form cheating, and how to create a relationship built on love, dedication, and trust.
Here are a Few More Secrets You'll Learn...
Why your partner was having an affair and what you can do to make the relationship better than ever!
How to get your sweetheart to think of only you, and desire being in your arms for a lifetime.
How to keep your sweetie from ignoring you, and want to listen to you, and be a part of your life.
You'll understand each other's needs and the importance of expressing sexual and emotional needs.
What you can do to put the love and passion back into your relationship!
Why giving and receiving are both important to a couple, so each of you will want to please the other.  
The downside of an affair.
The upside of devotion.
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